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A hive mind has found earth and sent SWARMS of aliens to destroy everything. You are the only one standing in their way... how long will humanity last?

Taking inspiration from the N64 era space shooters, this score-attack game has you flying through space taking on unending waves of alien attackers. Take aim with your ship's dual laser cannons or smash your hull through their carapaces to earn the highest score!

Local leaderboard keeps track of your greatest runs, so you can brag to your friends.

Keyboard Controls: WASD or Arrow keys to turn. Spacebar to shoot (hold it down or spam like mad :P).

Gamepad Controls: Joystick to turn, main action buttons to shoot (ex: Xbox is a,b,x,y buttons).

Axis inversion can be changed in the controls menu.

Music: ©2019 Joshua McLean (http://mrjoshuamclean.com).

Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International

Originally made in 72 hours for the Arcade Controls Jam cohosted by ScoreSpace and 8-bits-to-infinity.

Install instructions

All downloads must be unzipped.

Windows versions contain an .exe, some dll files and data folders. All must be present in the same directory in order for the .exe to run properly. Open the .exe to play.

Mac versions contain a single .app. Open the .app to play.


HumanitysLastHope (Windows) 24 MB
HumanitysLastHope (MacOS) 24 MB
OriginalJamSubmission (Windows) 21 MB
OriginalJamSubmission (MacOS) 21 MB

Development log


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