A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Built for the Hexcode Showdown Jam with the theme of the Funky Future 8 color palette. The palette breathes vapor-wave landscapes to me, thus inspiring this landscape runner game.

Pilot your motorcycle with deft precision, dodging between cars and trucks while enjoying sick electronic rhythms and retro inspired visuals. Orrr just sit back and watch the sunset.


Get the highest score you can! The faster you drive the faster you gain score, but the harder it is to maneuver and dodge traffic. Note: If you're moving too slow you might not gain any score and can even lose some!


ActionKeyboardGamepad (Ex: Xbox)
Move Left/RightAD or Left/Right arrowsLeft analog stick or left D-pad
AccelerateW or Up arrowRight D-pad Down (A button)
BrakeS or Down arrowRight D-pad Right (B button)
Restart (on death)RStart
To Menu (on death)EscapeSelect

Extras/Quirks that may or may not be obvious: 

  • Yes there is a night mode, but can you last long enough to reach it ;)
  • The scoring system is built to handle near infinite scores. Just how far can you get?
  • The cars and trucks produce wind currents that can push you around if you get too close.
  • Be careful about getting too close to the side of the road, the gravel shoulder on this road has been known to pop tires ;)


All Music: ©2019 Joshua McLean (mrjoshuamclean.com)

Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International

Vehicle Sprites/Animations: Mads J. Sonnett (twitter.com/mjsonnett)

Motorcycle Sounds: soundjay.com

Car screech: Mike Koenig (Attribution 3.0)

Everything else was made by myself!

Install instructions

If Mac, run the .app

If Windows, run the .exe (Note: the rest of the folder must be in the same location as the .exe to run properly)


Electric Ride (Windows 64) 32 MB
Electric Ride (MacOS) 32 MB


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Them drivers need to learn how to share the road!